​Gilder is determined to follow her passion working with the visual arts.  She keeps herself busy during the day teaching art and in the evening runs a small shop to earn additional income to continue her studies in the visual arts.  


Olive is a young mother with two children who came to Two Sides with a degree in cosmotology. She has been saving to start her own salon and has accomplished that with the help of Two Sides.  She is now paying it forward, helping other young women realize their dreams.


Moreen is a new mother who is busy with her MTN Mobile Money business in Kasese.  She is the main contact for the program in Kasese and is a mentor for the program.  She also has shared her knowledge with others in her home area because she says, "I can't keep the knowledge in my head!"  Love it!


Agnes has been supporting her family for many years now and has demonstrated her excellent business skills in the community, busy making tea and serving breakfast in Fort Portal to many of the various workers in her area.  Her daughter Rita is following in her footsteps as a women entrepreneur.  

Akiiki Dear Kasande-Executive Director-Two Sides of the Same Coin, Rwenzori

​Akiiki Dear owns a baby shop in Fort Portal town called Totoz World (totoz is Swahili for baby).  She is the director of African operations, mentor for 2014 graduates and one of the instructors for the program in Uganda.  Her true passion-"babies"!

Adyeeri Florence

Adyeeri Flo is one of the most determined women in the program.  She came to Two Sides with no idea of what business she would start.  A great dresser, she decided to open a lovely boutique.  Recently robbed of everything, she is determined to build up her business once again.  She demonstrates the true characteristic of an entrepreneur-postive attitude!