Plans are now under way to create some excitement and announce a "best business contest"  between all the various businesses that have been working with Two Sides in Uganda.  

March 2016 we will be holding our next training, and along with the training, we will have a contest for alumni in years 2012-2015.  One woman in each year will be eligible, all they need to do is pick up an application from Dear at Totoz World.  Information regarding criteria for the contest will be also available.  Good luck ladies!



Each new entrepreneur with Two Sides is paired with another woman entrepreneur to help guide them in those first 9 months of business.  Setting goals, problem solving together, discussing challenges, listening and building connections are all outcomes of the bond of mentorship.  

If you would like to be a mentor, please contact us.



We recently helped in the marketing efforts to have a Farmers Market in Downtown Watertown.  Thursday nights you will find a farmer's market at the Thursday Night Live Music that takes place courtesy of the Goss Opera House.  


You can find Two Sides representing small business owners, selling their handcrafted items at the farmers market.   In turn, these small businesses donate their profits to Two Sides.  A win/win for all.  Come downtown on Thursday nights in Watertown, SD.  It's a great relaxing night out.